With over 10+ years of data management expertise, Acute offers a comprehensive variety of specialized consulting services. Our team of Database Administrations, Developers offer best of the services on any operating system platform.Acute’s Database Administration involves the overall design and management of the database.

Administration tasks include archiving, consistency checks, developing/maintaining indexing and retrieval functionalities, Back-ups, Database Audits, Security, Encryption etc. Acute provides comprehensive database services on all leading RDBMS on various OS Platforms


DATABASE AND APPLICATION PERFORMANCE TUNING Help users to optimize performance of the database servers, databases and applications.


APPLICATION AND DATABASE UPGRADE Assist users in upgrading from older database versions to newer versions enabling users to take advantage of the latest in technologies.

PRODUCT EVALUATION Assist in product evaluations, development of proof of concept, benchmark or application prototype.

MIGRATION SERVICES Migrate applications from other database products (e.g. Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL) to any other RDBMS.


TRIGGERS AND STORED PROCEDURES are stored and executed directly on the server and enhance the efficiency of database applications by eliminating repetitive coding and making automation process easier.


NO DATABASE PRE-PARTITIONING is required, thereby making optimal use of the native O/S file system.




DISASTER RECOVERY Help users to optimize performance of the database servers, databases and applications.


ETL(EXTRACT, TRANSFORM, LOAD) Acute has a team of ETL experts who’ll migrate data from one database to another, to form data warehouses and also to convert databases from one format or type to another.

Oracle 12c Multitenant

Acute can help organizations to build a Multitenant container database (CDB) that can hold hundreds of pluggable databases (PDBs).

With this architecture:

Databases can be completely isolated – users in one database do not see the other databases or able to access them. An existing database can be adopted with no change as a pluggable database without application changes. For applications or TNS clients, an Oracle Pluggable Database (PDB) looks just like the Oracle Databases used prior to Oracle Database 12c. Each database is able to have its own configuration and parameters, System Global Area (SGA) shared so you don’t have to manually allocate memory to each database, one redo log, undo tablespace, alert log, etc… Greatly simplifying management of consolidated databases. Oracle Database 12c Multitenant fully complements other options, including Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Active Data Guard. To learn more, kindly refer this link