Offshore Software Development Company in Ahmedabad, India, Gujarat
An offshore development center offers clients enormous benefits. Offshore Development Center consists of a dedicated pool of software professionals who form a virtual extension of the client's team. Offshore development center offers the best of both worlds - the benefits of one's own team without the difficulties of managing it. In addition, offshore development centers enables clients to scale up their teams, in terms of numbers or skill sets. Acute Informatics Pvt Ltd Provides Offshore Software Development in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
An offshore development center also includes the related benefits of offshore software outsourcing in India ; be it offloading application maintenance, customized software development, product development, help desk operations or numerous other projects, clients are assured of the best among Indian software developers.

Acute's offshore development center offers


Quality Processes :

Acute has quality processes operating at the highest possible software development quality. This ensures minimum error rate and rework.

Infrastructure :

Acute's Offshore Development Center possess the latest infrastructure that are readily available thereby reducing project start time.

Skill Sets :

Acute has a diversified pool of skilled professionals from where clients can select the skill sets they require for their offshore development center.

Better Value For Money :

Acute's competitive cost structure enables you to achieve more with your IT budget.

24 Hours Facility And Robust Practices :

Such as code reusability, guaranteed round the clock service and incredible response times all add up to incredible flexibility.Work happens on a 24-hour basis due to a 12-hour time zone difference between India and the US. Yesterday evening's problem actually gets converted to today morning's solution.

Total Value :

With solutions that complement your business strategies, practices, structures and vision.

Advantage to Customers


Extended Lab Advantage :

Having an offshore development center gives the customer the advantage to access state-of-the-art development facilities with skilled resources.

Extended Enterprise Advantage :

On-site teams works directly with the clients' team, delivering value and managing partnership.Offshore teams create value by applying tools, methods, processes and technologies. Seamlessly integrate the on-site and offshore teams through - Processes, Procedure and Communication.

Faster Development Advantage :

Use of timezone difference as an advantage to hasten development time. A 24 Hour cycle can be kept going to speed up development time.

Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) Perspective:

Significant cost saving on infrastructure and manpower costs at offshore vis-a-vis the clients' home country.Also there will be cost and time saving on the long gestation period that will be needed for setting up offshore subsidiary.

Retain Domain And Skill Knowledge :

A dedicated team working on the customer's software/technology will retain domain knowledge. There is also total freedom to propogate client's own coprporate procedures,systems and management techniques at the ODC and Protection of intellectual property based on international IP laws.

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